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What business people in Australia are saying about George Manolis and his seminars:

“What an impact you made! Everyone came away from the day energized, enthusiastic and motivated!

Team Leader of Global Travel Management Company.

The day was great!
Your Keynote was excellent!
The audience thought you were exceptional!
Your presentation on the screen was Magnificent!
You are always on Fire!
You really brought some new ideas to the audience

Liz Neary, Global Plus (Colonial Kick start Conference)

“Wanted to thank you for the terrific effort you put into our sales training at the Carlton Crest. You picked up every point from our brief and executed it so well. The points you made and the way you made them were very memorable. The changes in the attitudes of some of the personnel since the training has been quite dramatic. We appreciate the difference you have made to our organization and look forward to working with you again.

Geoff Gay, General Manager,Staging Connections

“It’s no easy task being the first speaker on a Saturday Morning. However it was not long before you took charge and of the audiences’s attention, delivered clarity and left everyone in the room inspired motivated and focused to tackle the rest of the day. “

Mark Tolley, Managing Director, Global Momentum

“Geeman….what can I say, thanks for a great day!!
You took our sales team for a day, gee’d them up, motivated them, encouraged leaders to emerge and then finished the day off with a strong message of sales success, and we also had a lot of fun. What more can we ask for?”

Sandra Hatzirodos, Sales Administrator, BOC Safety

I was really pleased with his presentations, mainly his material on team building. With his style of presentation he made serious things sound real fun. I gained a lot from his presentations like: Importance of team, understanding, appreciating and supporting each other in the team. He talks are very relevant to our day to day work/personal life. So, it was a fantastic experience and I love his work.

Positive Feedback

* Full of energy and enthusiasm
* Presentation style was great

I love his presentation. He made me think more about myself. Not just for the work, but my personal life. He also made me to think about the people that I work with and how to work together as a team. An excellent presentation.

Hi Geeman, I learnt a lot of valuable things from your presentations at the conference. It has changed my work style and my way of thinking. I appreciate and love the work others do, I believe in “the power is in the pack not in the wolf” and how important it is to work as a team, understand the team members and be proud of the team, thank you very much for letting me see this side of work culture. I hope I will interact with you again on similar issues in future. I love your work geeman and you do a great job.

Thank you very much.

Can’t tell you how many documents/emails that I have seen with “Love your work” on them, and how many people have said it to me on the phone!!

“Participants are actively involved throughout the workshop”

Petronas Dagangan

“Lively presentations and exercises to encourage participants to brainstorm ideas”


“Very valuable points to take back to work!”

Time Dotnet

“Lots of interaction and very comprehensive”

Dell Corporation

“Many thanks for your words and for your fabulous inspirational support.

Abundance is out there and working! I did enjoy the weekend and look forward to capitalizing on all the wonderful information”

Miranda Cassidy, Consultant, New Zealand