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Pre-Event Questionnaire

In order for George to fully understand your requirements during your event, he will require further details regarding the logistics, background and culture.
A questionnaire will be forwarded to our client via the meeting planner, which will allow George to complete his brief, prior to program design. This is part of George’s Quality Assurance process.

This questionnaire will need to be addressed at least one month prior to the event. If may also prompt other questions and may even require further information to be sent to George.

George will also make contact with some of the participants prior to the event to gain an empathy and understanding of the organization.

Promotional Images

The attached folder has images with are able to be used for inclusion in your program guides, marketing and advertising material for the event.

These images can only be used for marketing in relation to a booking relating to George Manolis.

Logos and caricatures can also be published without alteration to the colors or aspect ratios. Any changes must be approved by George’s marketing and branding team.


George has certain requirements when it comes to logistics for the event.
Please contact George’s office if logistics are not able to be offered as per the specifications attached.

In respect to room dynamics, its best to ensure the group is seated as close as practically possible to each other as well as their proximity to the front row.

Participants walking in late are a real distraction to the audience – some meeting planners lock the doors once the keynote has commenced.

We have available for download, room layouts for workshops, seminars and keynotes.

Introduction & One Page Bio

Attached is a standard form of introduction for George Manolis.

George’s surname is pronounced Man “o” lis.

It is possible that George may elect to submit an alternative introduction for your event.

It is a short introduction and as such designed to be quoted without being read.

In some situations, theme music may accompany George’s entry to the platform.

Evaluation Forms

For workshops and seminars, George collects evaluation feedback at the end of the event. This allows George to continuously improve his program delivery.
Attached is a standard format of the evaluation forms. George and or his team members will collect the forms at the end of the program and will scan and forward them to you after the event.

George and or his team will ensure that the forms are collected at the end of the event.

On the Platform

George requires either a lectern or table to work from on the platform.

Depending on the keynote offered, a product table may also be required at the rear of the room.

Handout notes or workbooks, will be distributed and it is recommended that they are placed on each seat or on the desks in front of the participants before the keynote commences.

Meals– It’s best that George is not asked to speak whilst a meal is being is served or whilst participants are eating or drinking alcohol. This is necessary to ensure full engagement with the audience.