Motivation & Focus

Sales Teams need continual encouragement, direction and motivation. We have so many distractions and obstacles to success these days that we need to ensure that we are always moving forward.

In order to move forward we need clear and concise goals which are set by management and define exactly what is expected of the sales team in addition to what resources are available for these tasks to be completed successfully.

A sales team without direction will not survive, particularly if the team is without a “true motivator” at the helm. Sales Teams need a motivator to lead the team, someone who has a vested interest in the team and its success.

Teams, which perform best, are those that have continual coaching, mentoring, and performance reviews. Performance reviews, which analyse member’s performance based on bringing leads to a close, are the most beneficial. Also schemes which reward team members for their ability to think outside the square have also been proven to be beneficial to the overall operation of the entire company.

Sales Teams who are remunerated by Salary plus commission work best for most situations. Commission systems need to be structured so that incentives are paid at least monthly as this keeps members focussed on performance. Workable commission schemes are those, which are not onerous and remain constant without the continual movement of the goal posts.

Ultimately, each sales team needs much encouragement and support from not only management but also from colleagues.

Some suggestions for sale teams are as follows:

  • Meet regularly and review progress
  • Meet and discuss market trends
  • Compare call rates and close rates
  • Discuss opportunities and work together on large deals
  • Appoint “Product Champions” who are experts in a certain product area
  • Collate Forecasts and identify peaks and troughs
  • Forecast short and Long term Projects and work them
  • Commit to reading self-improvement books
  • Become members of professional associations
  • Join Industry body groups
  • Ongoing training in sales methodologies

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