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Just to clarify, we say that suspects are people who may need your services and when they are qualified as someone who does use your services they are then prospects.

One of the greatest challenges that a sales person has is the ability to have an unending list of suspects or prospects.

A reluctance to compile such a list often exists as well as the manner in which we do it. Probably the easiest and most overlooked method is the networking method.

Networking needs to be part of the daily routine and you need to be handing out your business cards religiously. Wherever you are you need to be introducing yourself and letting everyone know what you do. Collecting information and subtly finding out who people are, what they do and also “who they know” as well.

The other manner of collating lists of suspects is by researching. Using the Internet, phone books, finding lists of associations buying databases, reading trade articles, can do this.

So one of the keys to your success is how you utilise these lists. You now need to embark on a process of pushing these suspects throughout the sales pipeline, and by that we mean the process of calling them, qualifying them, arranging an appointment, offering your sales presentation, and offering a proposal.

The speed and thoroughness which you conduct this exercise will depict the rate of your success.

The only possible way of doing this quickly is by creating a sales process, and then by entering these leads into a CRM contact database and letting the system guide you through the follow up process.

We talk about sales processes and yet we have not clarified what they are.

A sales process, is the manner in which you plan to win a sale. Sales Processes can vary from person to person and commodity to commodity, even within the same organisation.

For example we stated above that a sales process for a suspect is the process of qualifying them, calling them, making a time to visit them and so on.

A telephone enquiry coming into your organisation may have different sales process assigned to it.

An enquiry for your service department may have a different sales process. In fact it would be normal for each type of sale category in your organisation to have a different sales process.

Because of the nature of sales we will have many processes of pipeline activities happening each day, and so it is normal to have a really full diary of activities.

The best way of coping with this volume is to set these processes in a CRM system, which not only reminds you of when you need to do things, but also allows you to measure your activity.

For example the number of phone calls you make and the number of face-to-face contact hours.

Sales Processes are the thing least talked about in sales and yet are the cornerstone of your success.

Sales Processes:

  • Must be written into the sales plan
  • No sales processes, no success
  • Include a loyalty component in the sales processes
  • A CRM system is the only real way to track sales processes
  • Allow the sales team to track and report on success

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